NEW Flexible Plastic 56″ Handle

Briarwood Products, the industry leader in innovation, has added to its popular line of Shank-Free cleaning tools. The new plastic 56″ handle is made from a special plastic that will virtually eliminate the ability for inmates to form or reform a shank or shank handle.

This is a 1″ diameter handle made from a unique polymer that will not melt like other standard hard plastics.

The handle is designed to be strong, durable, and flexible. Its flexibility enables the handle to bend side to side easily and is safe for all to use. This new handle eliminates the ability for inmates to conceal items inside of it. The new plastic 56″ handle is compatible with #6033 Long Tip. #6223 Medium Tip, and #6210 Short Tip.

Item #6044-PL56 – to be used with #6021F Safety Orange Easy Sweep Broom,  #9024 spueegee,  #9038C brush, and #9029 Tite-Bite












If this item were to be damaged or broken it must be discarded immediately.

Briarwood Products, Inc. specializes in cutting-edge plastics development. Briarwood has been the sales and marketing arm of Accurate Mold and Die Co. since 1993. Accurate Mold was started in 1965 by Mr. Erwin Tomm and focuses on plastic injection molding. For more information, contact:

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