What’s New?

The Ultimate Shank-Free Cleaning Kit

Briarwood Products has newly released The Ultimate Shank-Free Cleaning Kit. This is a 10 piece       Shank-Free kit designed to tackle all cleaning purposes.

This Kit Includes:

  • 6010 – Shank-Free Safety Orange Dust Pan
  • 6021-F – Shank-Free Safety Orange Easy Sweep Angled Broom
  • 6038C – Shank-Free Safety Orange Floor Scrubbing Brush
  • 6023 – Shank-Free Safety Orange Hand-Held Scrubbing Brush
  • 6025-36 – Shank-Free 5″ x 36″ Safety Orange Plastic Dust Mop Frame
  • 6044-PL56 – 56″ Plastic Flexible Handle with Medium Tip
  • 6042-PL56 – Shank-Free Plastic Flexible Handle with Short Tip
  • 6031E-PL56 – Shank-Free Plastic Clip-On Connector with Plastic Flexible Handle
  • 6052C-PL56 – Shank-Free Quick-Bite Wet Mop Holder with Plastic Flexible Handle
  • 6046-F56 – Shank-Free Black Fiberglass Handle with Long Tip

The Ultimate Shank-Free Cleaning Kit is safe for all to use within Correctional Facilities.

For more information about The Ultimate Shank-Free Cleaning Kit                                                                                                     please email us at: bp@briarwoodproducts.com or call: (216) 398-1107

Bundle Package Options

Briarwood Products is proud to announce the release of Bundle Packages for our Dust Mop Frames, Quick-Bite Wet Mop Holder and the Tite-Bite Wet Mop Holder. Recently, the Dust Mop Frames and Wet Mop Holders were sold separately from their connectors and their handles. Now, for the convenience of our customers we are providing bundle packaging. The Dust Mop Frames and Wet Mop Holders will be attached to their connectors and handles. Briarwood prides itself on fast and efficient ordering for our customers, and feel that our new bundle packages will provide our customers with a simplified way of ordering.




Orange Shank-Free Backbone with Plastic Handle and Clip-On Connector                                                                                                          (Available in either 24″ Frame -#6524-PL or 36″ Frame – #6536-PL)




Orange Shank-Free Backbone with Fiberglass Handle and Clip-On Connector                                                                                                   (Available in either 24″ Frame – #6524-F or 36″ Fame – 6536-F)


Quick-Bite Wet Mop Holder Bundle is paired with Black Fiberglass Handle. (Mop Head sold separately)



Tite-Bite Wet Mop Holder Bundle. Tite-Bite is paired with Black Fiberglass Handle                                         (Mop Head Sold Separately)








Black Plastic Dust Mop Frame with Briarwood Clip-On Connector                                                                                                                             (Available in 18″-#9518, 24“-#9524, 30″– #9530, and 36″ -#9536)



Black Plastic Low Profile Dust Mop Frame with Low Profile Connector

(Available in 12″, 18″, and 24″)

#95325-12 – Without Velstuds , #95325-18 – Without Velstuds, #95325-24 – Without Velstuds

#95326-12 – With Velstuds, #95326-18 – With Velstuds, #95326-24 – With Velstuds

For Pricing Information Please Call (216) 398-1107 or Email Us: bp@briarwoodproducts.com

For convenient ordering all products are now available on Amazon.com

What’s Coming?

The Briarwood Shank-Free Push Broom

Briarwood Products is proud to announce that in the coming months we will be releasing our New Shank-Free Push Broom. This broom is completely Metal Free and is made from a special rubbery plastic that eliminates the ability to be sharpened into a shank or shank holder. The new Shank-Free push broom will be available in 18″ and 24″ lengths. Please check back with us as further updates will be posted of the release date for the Briarwood Shank-Free Push Broom. (Please note: The Shank-Free and Metal Free Push Broom is to be used with either the #6042-PL56 or the #6042-F56 Handle.)