Briarwood Products’ New ORANGE Product Line Increases Officer Safety

Shanks Virtually Eliminated After Extensive Research and Design Leads to Use of New Polymer

Description: Briarwood Products has released a new and re-designed ORANGE product line for correctional facilities. The tools are made from a new rubbery plastic that addresses current safety concerns of correctional officers.  

Cleveland, Ohio– Briarwood Products proudly announces the release of its newest line of ORANGE cleaning tools for correctional facilities. The product line was developed by Briarwood Products in response to widespread safety concerns from correctional officers at various facilities in the U.S.

Safety Managers previously began replacing metal tools (used by inmates to make “shanks”) with hard plastic tools. They discovered that creative inmates were melting down the hard plastic and hand-crafting shanks. Briarwood’s new tools are made from a special rubbery plastic that virtually eliminates shanks. The unique polymer used will not melt like standard hard plastics. This unique polymer eliminates the ability for inmates to form or re-form the plastic into a new shank or shank handle.

The new tool line also incorporates all Metal-Free handles, made of fiberglass. Fiberglass provides the strength needed for cleaning, and will shatter when broken. Therefore, it will flex under normal use, and if it is misused will break before causing any death or serious injury. Fiberglass handles cannot be sharpened like wooden or aluminum handles can.


Adding to our new Orange Shank-Free product line we have designed our NEW Metal-Free plastic handle. This new plastic grey handle is made from a special plastic that will virtually eliminate the ability for inmates to form or reform a shank or shank handle. The handle is strong, durable, and designed to be flexible. The flexibility of the handle enables the handle to bend side to side easily, and is safe for all to use.

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