What is the difference between orange cleaning tools and regular black plastic cleaning tools?

Briarwood sells both product lines to all industries. However, the orange product line is ideal for use in correctional facilities. The polymer used for that line cannot be sharpened to make a shank or shiv. It cannot be melted down and formed into a handle for a shank or shiv. The products weigh approximately the same, but the orange tools are not as hard as the black plastic line, making them less likely to be used as weapons by inmates.

What is the difference between the “Panther Pole” black fiberglass handle and the New Plastic Grey handle?

The “Panther Pole” black Fiberglass handle is a handle that cannot be splintered or sharpened by abrasion. It is lightweight, non-flammable, non-conductive, moisture and rust free, and does not have the capacity to warp. This is a 1″ diameter handle that is inherently strong and durable because of its strong design. The “Panther Pole” black fiberglass handle is engineered to be Shank-Free and its design is preferred over wood and aluminum handles.

Our NEW grey flexible Plastic handle is geared towards high security correctional facilities. Its design enables the handle to be flexible and bend side to side without breaking.  This handle is made from a new rubbery plastic that virtually eliminates the ability to create shanks in high security correctional facilities. The unique polymer that is used to create this handle will not melt like other standard hard plastics. With this special design, inmates are unable to form or reform plastic into a shank or shank handle.

Why is a Fiberglass Handle better than a lower-priced Wood or Aluminum Handle?

Wood and aluminum handles present a high risk of abuse and misuse. They can be splintered and/or sharpened to make a deadly shank or shiv. Fiberglass cannot be sharpened to a deadly point. Further, fiberglass cracks when it is broken, so that it cannot be used like a club. The fiberglass simply cracks and bends, lessening blunt force trauma if used in an assault. Fiberglass does not rust, rot or corrode, is fire-resistant and non-conductive.

Why is your “Panther Pole” black Fiberglass Handle better than other Fiberglass Handles?

Our “Panther Pole” is made of a high-quality pultruded fiberglass. Our handles are manufactured using a lightweight design which incorporates the inherent strength of fiberglass, making it optimal for use in correctional facilities. For instance, our handles are not made of solid fiberglass rods, which could be used as deadly weapons in prisons. But our dimensionally-stable handles are definitely sturdy enough for use in cleaning.

What is the difference between all of the Dust Mop Connectors? Product numbers #6031E, #9031C, #9331C and #9020C?

#6031E is our Shank-Free connector, designed for use with our Shank-Free dust mop frame (#6025). #9031C is designed for our Standard Plastic dust mop frame (#9025). #9331C is designed to be used with our Low-Profile Dust Mop Frame (#9325). 9020C is designed for Wire-Frame dust mops only.

What is the advantage of purchasing Briarwood’s Bundle Packages?

Briarwood Products prides itself on efficient ordering for their customers. For this reason, we have released the capability to purchase items in bundle packages. Now, when purchasing our Dust Mop Frames you will be receiving both the Fame and the Connector. Also, when purchasing a Wet Mop Holder you will be receiving both the Wet Mop Holder and Handle (Fiberglass or Plastic). The new bundle packages provides simple One-Step ordering.

Where are your products made and/or assembled?

All of our products are proudly made and assembled in the United States.

Do you sell Mops or Mop Yarns?

Briarwood no longer sells mop or mop yarns. Briarwood only produces and sells the plastic and/or fiberglass components of cleaning tools.

In what sectors are Briarwood Products currently being used?

Our product line is used in the correctional industries, aviation, laboratory research, healthcare, military, janitorial, painting, and photographic sectors and industries.


How do I request a product catalog?

Briarwood no longer publishes a print catalog, as part of our attempt to be more eco-friendly and environment-conscious. We direct customers to our website www.briarwoodproducts.com, which we update as needed. For those customers who do not have internet access, contact us at 1.800.266.1680 and we will mail a printed copy of our website. Customers are also welcome to review and  purchase our products on Amazon.com.

How do I place an order?

Briarwood accepts orders by telephone or email. Also, for your convenience we have provided a order form on the front page of our website. Please complete it and return to Briarwood Products at, bp@briarwoodproducts.com. For pricing information, please contact us at (216) 398-1107.

Briarwood Products has recently launched their full product line on Amazon for fast and convenient ordering. Please highlight and right click the link provide to directly go to the Briarwood Products Amazon Storefront.


Can I order online?

Briarwood is currently assessing such capabilities, but as of yet, an online-ordering feature is not available. However, we have provided a order form on the front page of our website for your convenience. For pricing information please contact us at (216) 398-1107. Customers are also welcome to purchase our products on Amazon.com.

How can I pay for my purchase?

Briarwood accepts cash, MasterCard, and Visa from all buyers. Briarwood also accepts purchase orders and checks from customers with established Briarwood credit. All payments must be in U.S. dollars.

How much will shipping cost? Do you offer free shipping?

Unfortunately, because of large variances in cost, Briarwood does not offer free shipping. Shipping cost will depend on destination address. Please contact us for a box size and weight on your order to determine the shipping cost.

How can I order your products if I live in Canada?

Canadian customers may contact Atlas Graham Industries Co. Ltd., the authorized distributor for Briarwood Products in Canada.


How long has Briarwood been around?

Briarwood has been in business since 1993.

Is Briarwood a responsible corporate citizen?

Briarwood makes an effort to be eco-friendly in our business. Briarwood supports and donates to worthwhile organizations such as TROSA, City Mission, and Salvation Army.

Is Briarwood locally-owned and operated? Or is it a subsidiary of a larger multinational corporation?

Briarwood is family-owned and operated and has been in Cleveland, Ohio for several decades.

Are you members in any trade association?

Briarwood has been a member of ISSA for over 19 years.

Does Briarwood sell to wholesalers and distributors only or to end-users also?

Briarwood does sell to end-users, but we do have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for our products.

Do you sell to correctional industries, industries for the blind, or similar programs?

Yes. Briarwood sells to these types of programs. Contact us for pricing.

Is Briarwood a “Small Business”?

Yes. Briarwood qualifies as a “small business” under SBA size standards.

Can’t find the answer to your question?

Email us at bp@briarwoodproducts.com.

The information provided in this FAQ was accurate at the time it was posted to the FAQ page, but we cannot be held liable for any inconvenience caused by following these instructions or using this information.