Painter’s Tools 

Briarwood Flip-Lock™ Painter’s Poles 

Key Features:

  • Light, strong, and durable.
  • Adjustable to any length, just flip the lever forward, extend to desired length, and flip the lever back to lock the pole in position.
  • Positive lock prevents movement or rotation and is adjustable for tension.
  • Universal threaded nylon tip for maximum strength.
  • Patented Cam-Lock tips securely hold roller to prevent loosening.
  • Available in 2-section or 3-section configuration.
  • 3-section poles offer compact storage sizes yet longer length than comparable 2-section poles.
  • 3-section poles are stiffer than regular 2-section poles so you can apply more roller pressure with less “bounce”.
  • Light weight, easy to use.
  • No sloppy joints.

All painter’s poles come with the Cam Lock tips.

2-Section Poles:
2′-4′ P/N 7002-04
4′-8′ P/N 7002-08
6′-12′ P/N 7002-12
3-Section Poles:
4′-12′ P/N 7003-12
6′-16′ P/N 7003-16

Angle Adapters 

  • Single or dual-arm adjustable adapters to fit:
    • 3/4″ diameter handle
    • 1″ diameter handle
    • Any standard threaded handle (aluminum, fiberglass, metal, wood).
  • Engineering-grade nylon plastic
  • Tapered (for squeegees) or threaded (for twist-on tools)
  • Quick and easy arms adjust for over 180-degree span

Item #9105-01, -02 (1″ slip)

Item #9104-01, -02 (3/4″ slip)

Item #9106-01, -02 (3/4″ threaded)

New Cam-Lock™ Threaded Tips 

Cam-Lock™ Threaded Tips, only from Briarwood Products! Our patented design will keep brush and broom handles from becoming loose. The unique “Cam-Locking” threaded tip creates a tight union between handle and tool, making it very difficult to unscrew.

The super strong Cam-Lock™ Threaded Tips can be purchased already assembled onto a handle or sold separately. Available in 9 different styles to accommodate most any brush, broom or Handle.

Key Features:

  • Prevent breakage of handles
  • Strong engineering grade plastic
  • Designed for a secure fit

Inside Tips (5 sizes)

A. 8100- (.777 OD, .554 ID)
B. 8110- (.780 OD, .558 ID)
C. 8120- (.843 OD, .643 ID)
D. 8130- (.892 OD, .685 ID)
E. 8140- (.918 OD, .797 OD)

Outside Tips (3 sizes)

F. 8200- (.890 actual ID)
G. 8205- (.957 actual ID)
H. 8210- (1.017 actual ID)

Outside Extended Tips (3 sizes)

I. 8215- (.757 actual ID)
J. 8220- (.945 actual ID)
K. 8225- (1.008 actual ID)

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