New Year, New Products

It’s a new year and Briarwood Products is gearing up to release new products which are guaranteed to add to the overall safety and security of your facility. 

Be on the lookout for:

  • Briarwood Products Prison Safe Shank-Free and Metal Free Toilet Bowl Brush. Most toilet bowl brushes are made from a hard plastic that can easily be handcrafted or sharpened into a weapon. The toilet bowl brush Briarwood Products is gearing up to release in 2021 is made from a soft plastic that is unable to be sharpened into a weapon but strong and durable to perform its cleaning task. 
  •  Briarwood Products will also be releasing 2 Prison Safe Shank-Free Small Trash Cans for intended use in meeting rooms and cells. Both trash cans are made from specialized shank-free material which is unable to be sharpened.