Shank-Free Toilet Bowl Brush Coming Soon 2022

Prison Safe Shank-free toilet bowl brush

Briarwood Products is gearing up for their release of the Prison Safe Shank-Free & Metal Free Toilet Bowl Brush. This item will be release in 2022. Most brushes being used now in correctional facilities are made from a hard plastic that can easily be sharpened and turned into a weapon. This shank-free toilet bowl brush is made from a specialized plastic that is unable to be sharpened. The brush is made from a anti-acid material that will not hold bacteria. This brush may be purchased separately or with its holder. 

Shipping Update 11/15/2021-11/19/2021

Briarwood Products will be unable to ship any orders 11/15/2021 – 11/19/2021. Please contact Dayna Piersa at 216-398-1107 if there are any concerns or questions regarding this.