The most common weapons used against corrections staff come from items issued to inmates.

What to consider when purchasing cleaning supplies for your facility

  • Are the tools made from Wood, Metal, Fiberglass, or Plastic?

  • Do the products/supplies eliminate the ability to be sharpened into a weapon or shank?

  • Are the products strong and durable?

  • Are the products resistent to bacteria, mold, or mildew?

  • How many other facilities have adopted the products?


“Anything we can do to enhance security, everybody is onboard. Since the introduction of the Briarwood Products line to our facility, we have reduced instances where offender cleaning products have been compromised for malicious intentions and staff has greater sense of security.” – Lt. Wine Ohio State Penitentiary

“I always tell the individuals that have inquired and spoken to me about Briarwood that our goal is to, of course, protect ourselves first, but we’re here to protect the inmates as well, and if there’s anything that we can do to prevent an inmate to cause bodily harm to the officers or other inmates, we are supposed to focus on that. If you want a product that is durable and shank-free Briarwood is the product that you want to go with.” – Anonymous

“This is what we use after a riot where wooden broomsticks were snapped in half to make spears. Seem pretty durable and never caused any problems.” Doug Thomas – Corrections1 Facebook post: Why off the shelf cleaning products aren’t up to the task in corrections 

“The service was great. I was glad to receive the order on time and at a great price.” – Dana Y. Amazon Customer


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